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How to Use Nano Waterfall Kitchen Sink ?





How many use Components control of a Waterfall Kitchen Sink ?

Automatic Cup Washer

This is our powerful glass rinser just 1 click and wash your glass With an easy-to-use design, glass rinser are convenient and time-saving, allowing you to clean multiple glasses with ease.

Soap Dispenser

A waterfall kitchen sink soap dispenser is a functional and stylish accessory designed to dispense liquid soap providing a convenient and hygienic solution for handwashing and dish cleaning.


Temperature Controlling Waterfall

Handwheel switch Turn left: foaming/shower discharge area ,Turn right: waterfall water control area  

 Pull Out Faucet

Pull down the sprayer to extend, adjust water flow and temperature using the faucet handles, switch between spray and stream with the nozzle button, and dock the sprayer when finished for a waterfall pull-out faucet.

Strainer Basket

The angled drainer, paired with the waterfall outlet design, allows water to flow precisely and swiftly for washing fruits, vegetables, and dishes.

Vegetable Basket

Small-size basin can be utilized for situation where less water is needed, promoting water conservation.

Wooden Chopping Board

A wooden chopping board, crafted from hardwoods like maple, offers a knife-friendly surface with natural antimicrobial properties.


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